Chochołowska Baths are the largest thermal complex in Podhale. Space that we have, allows you to relax in comfort, regardless of the number of people in the facility. A multitude of attractions, large outdoor swimming pools, adjacent to the beaches are stretches of grass and the sound of the nearby river Dunajec. Plus, the children's activities and draws up before us the prospect of a real fun. The water in our pools extract from a depth of nearly 3,600 meters. The rocks, which are soaked with it, give a lot of beneficial micronutrients such as sulfur (S), Calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sodium (Na).

The water temperature was 82 in terms of degrees Celsius. Recognition is in the area of ​​Podhale Basin, stretching from Chocholow the Tatra Bukovina. Thermal water, except for medicinal mineral composition, also has therapeutic properties. Thermal baths relaxant effect and improve blood supply to tissues and organs.

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